About us

We’re a yachting industry company and we’re right there with you.

Our team has more than 100 years’ combined yachting experience as captains and crew, and we developed the world’s first online yacht management platform in 2004. This product, Sealogical, is powered by Sealogical technology too, and is now used by some of the largest yachts and yacht management companies in the world.

Why Sealogical?

Sealogical is built by people who live and breathe the yachting industry. Being so close to the everyday running of a vessel, we saw a clear need for a management system that was both comprehensive and easy to use.

Managing a yacht would be so much more enjoyable if there was less hassle managing the admin. So we asked ourselves, why not harness online technology and develop a simple solution?

What our clients think of us

Sealogical is a huge breakthrough! From keeping up with your ships ISM/ISPS requirements, dealing with your everyday ships business or making a refit run smoothly and efficiently, Sealogical is a must in today's world of yachting!

Captain Chris Gartner Motor Yacht Senses

Y.CO use a bespoke version of Sealogical.com for our whole management fleet. Sealogical platform is simply the best yacht management solution we've seen. The simple 'hours of rest' feature is great for our crew, and Captains really value the safety management and financial reporting tools.

Yves Damette Director Yacht Management, Y.CO